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Power Steering Repairs

Today, all new vehicles come equipped with power steering which enables the driver to turn the steering wheel with very little effort. The power steering system consists of a power steering pump, special power steering fluid, a belt, hoses and steering gear (known as the rack and pinion). When the engine is running, power is transmitted to the pump, which sends fluid to the steering gear which takes advantage of hydraulic pressure to let the driver turn the front wheels in the direction that the driver wants to go.

Rack and pinion steering consists of a gear set enclosed in a metal tube. The rack protrudes from the tube on either end. The attachment at either end of the rack is adjustable and is called the tie rod end, which in turn is attached to the steering knuckle. The inner and outer tie rods are wear items and often need to be replaced on older cars.

If the power steering system leaks fluid or if the power steering pump becomes inoperative or its capacity is diminished, you may hear a groaning-like or whining noise from under your hood. Turning the steering wheel may become difficult.

Power steering fluid should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, perhaps every three years or 50,000 miles. The power steering belt and hoses should be inspected annually.

Our mechanic is well versed in servicing power steering systems and will both diagnose and provide you with an estimate for the repairs appropriate to your vehicle.

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